Commemorating Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Our Favorite Inspired Jewelry Creations

If you're a player of Final Fantasy XIV, we can guess what you've been up to lately. Scrambling to level up all of your characters, blazing through quests, logging in countless hours to reach the very top of your main jobs - all in preparation for the long-awaited release of the next big expansion pack. Are we right?

Well, whether you're a die-hard storyteller who purposefully makes the game difficult for your characters or a player who just wants to be the absolute best in every possible way, we're inviting you to take a moment away from the grind. Put your feet up, relax, and scroll down to enjoy some of our favorite Final Fantasy XIV inspired jewelry creations: a fond look back in celebration of the upcoming launch of Shadowbringers!


From a diamond-studded engagement ring that calls to mind a Carbuncle's cuteness, to a set of two-tone bands combining the angelic feathers of the White Mage's Thyrus with the wings of the powerful primal Bahamut, and beyond, the staggering amount of characters and themes in Final Fantasy XIV endlessly inspire the amazing stories Takayas brings to life on the bench. As one of the most popular themes for our custom wedding pieces, it's no surprise to us that many of the couples who find their way to our studio were first brought together through their escapades in Eorzea.

After exchanging their virtual vows during the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, our wonderful friends and customers have prepared to pop the real-life question by crafting custom rings that represent just how close they hold the game to their hearts. Several of our previous jewelry creations even pay homage to a lucky individual's own Warrior of Light!

Clockwise from left:  Warrior Inspired Wedding Ring ,  Summoner Inspired Wedding Ring ,  Scholar Inspired Engagement Ring ,  Kan-E-Senna & Scholar Inspired Engagement Ring

Clockwise from left: Warrior Inspired Wedding Ring, Summoner Inspired Wedding Ring, Scholar Inspired Engagement Ring, Kan-E-Senna & Scholar Inspired Engagement Ring

Wedding jewelry aside, we've also crafted a number of stunning Final Fantasy XIV themed pieces meant to commemorate other occasions. A precious pair of earrings and a bracelet linked with charms represent the various jobs your intrepid adventurer can pick up throughout their travels - a set of beautifully wearable trinkets that bring your favorite game along wherever you go in the real world.


For those of you gearing up for the launch of Shadowbringers on July 2nd, we're wishing you luck. We can't wait to see what new incredible projects you'll bring to us in the future, inspired by your journeys throughout the latest expansion!

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