Final Fantasy XIV Hraesvelgr Ring


Claudia originally worked with Takayas to create a custom pair of Soul Crystal earrings, based on her Final Fantasy XIV character's two main job classes: Bard and Paladin.

She loved her special earrings so much that she decided to treat herself to another custom piece based on Final Fantasy, a game which has played a large role in her life since she was young.

This time, she requested a ring that not only incorporated soul crystals, but also winged dragons/creatures, and the comet from the FFXIV logo.

The main design element for Claudia's ring is based on the unique feathery wings of Hraesvelgr, a great wyrm of the First Brood. Takayas used her favorite soul crystals, Bard and Paladin, on either side of the ring as a transition from the wings to the tapered band. He also incorporated the FFXIV logo's comet symbol on either side of the center stone, framed by the dragon wings, which created a lovely opening to show off more of the stone.

"Wow it is a beautiful design! I love how the comet allows the center of the stone to be seen, and the soul crystals are perfectly placed. I'm glad he's a fan of Hraesvelgr!"

For the center stone, Claudia left the choice of color/size/shape up to Takayas and was very happy with the round blue topaz he selected for her, saying, " I think he chose a perfect color. In the game there is actually a mother crystal - Hydaelyn that is blue as well (fun fact)."

We love how happy Claudia is with her special ring design and look forward to working with her again in the future.