Celebrating National Video Game Day – Our Video Game Inspired Custom Jewelry

It’s National Video Game Day! To celebrate, we at Takayas Custom Jewelry feature some of the wonderful game inspired custom jewelry we have created to date! Pokémon Inspired Yellow Sapphire Pikachu Bracelet Filled with meaningful childhood memories, held especially dear to our friend Melissa is a gorgeous Pokémon Yellow inspired bracelet. Riddled with shimmering yellow sapphires, Melissa’s bracelet was created with the idea of animating the early pixel art style of Pikachu following you around in the classic 1998 role-playing video game. Journey Inspired Engagement Ring In the indie adventure game Journey, you play as a robed figure known by various titles – Traveler, Wayfarer, Journeyer. The embroidery upon the robes these Travelers wear signifies your experience within the game as new rows of intricate patterns are added each time you complete a journey. Those same geometric adornments are carved upon the sleek white gold engagement ring we created for Matthew and Laura. Final Fantasy XIV Soul Crystals Inspired Bracelet To complete her Final Fantasy XIV inspired custom jewelry collection, Claudia asked Takayas to create a special bracelet showcasing all the game’s Soul Crystals! Shimmering in a finely linked series of 14K white gold are beautifully polished charms, each with its own unique shape, reflecting all of the Crystals from the Soul of the Samurai to the Soul of the Paladin. “To the Hero of My Kokoro” Men’s Ring A love that grew from countless hours of gaming side-by-side, Jonathan and Kyle’s sweet relationship is captured within an elegant platinum engagement band. This special design is riddled with symbolic meaning, with a smooth and refined profile it is encrusted with elements that are near and dear to them both. Some of those elements were taken from the various games Jonathan and Kyle have played together, like Kingdom Hearts, League of Legends, and Final Fantasy! Want to create your own video game inspired custom jewelry? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas and share with us your ideas today!