Beyond Inspiration: The Personal Stories of Beyond by Takayas

Beyond by Takayas is signaling a revolution in the field of jewelry design. Innovative styles and daring silhouettes spell artist Takayas Mizuno's vision of the next stage of the industry, using cutting-edge technologies to create dazzling pieces previously thought impossible. Behind this bold rush into the horizon, however, the driving force of Beyond is a timeless and human desire: to connect to our ever-changing relationships with the world around us, and the world within ourselves. The stories of Beyond are made to reflect the depths of who you are.

As an artist, Takayas delights in merging opposites. The movement and flow of the organic with the unflinching symmetry of the geometric, the traditional with the futuristic, the natural with the technological. "Growing up in Japan, of course the spirit of Japanese art has been very influential to me," he remarks. "The core theory of creating harmony between objects applies to everything I create."


Having obtained his master training in the flower-arranging art of Ikebana at the same time as he began to learn jewelry design, he possesses a uniquely sharp-trained eye for uplifting the essential relationships and connections between concepts that may seem disparate on the surface. This skill continues to inform the forward-thinking notions of Beyond, envisioning the aesthetics of our modern existence in a stunningly original context.

Inspired by the beauty of the old, the imaginative jewelry of Beyond creates the space for something new. Combining the classic elegance of the familiar - a gem-encrusted set of hoop earrings, a dainty pendant necklace emblazoned with your initial - with the boundary-pushing ideas of the unexpected, Beyond's designs have the capacity to be deeply personal. Exacting craftsmanship and top-of-the-line materials result in your very own tangible, wearable work of art, allowing you to share your story wherever you go.


The expressive artistic gestures of Beyond's design collections reflect monumental events and rites of passage in our contemporary lives. Clasp the Butterfly pendant around your neck and step into a landscape that flashes with a kaleidoscope of color at every glimpse of the eye, celebrating a special moment of transformation. Pay tribute to your personal power through the awe-inspiring designs of the Elements collection, choosing the primordial force that most resonates with you. The possibilities are endless for finding the perfect piece of statement jewelry that truly represents you.

You are limitless - your jewelry should be, too. Start your journey by exploring our nine collections now, and get ready to go Beyond.