Beyond by Takayas: New Celestial Collection

Our Beyond by Takayas jewelry brand transcends the ordinary. As we blaze our path through the stars, the ethereal trinkets of the new Celestial Collection invite you to come along with us for the ride. At turns both beautifully delicate and boldly attention-grabbing, these miraculous pieces illuminate the powerful sense of imagination and possibility that drives Takayas' design philosophy.


Inspired by the ornate, fantasy-themed design work Takayas has become renowned for, the gracefully feathered silhouettes of these twinkling bijoux are nothing short of heavenly. His signature two-tone style shines through golden angel wings that wrap around the sleek white band of the Collection’s rings, sweeping upward in sinuous motion from a glittering accent gemstone nestled on either side.

The magnificent centerpiece of the Celestial Collection comes in the form of unique star-cut colored gemstones, gleaming in a variety of rich hues. From the ocean tones of London blue topaz to the blushing pink of rose quartz, these extraordinary stones bring a sense of joyful experimentation, a lightness that defies the traditional barriers between fashion and fine jewelry. Masterfully sculpted in resplendent 18-karat gold, the designs of Beyond are unmistakably luxurious.


For the dreamer with their eyes turned toward the skies, our Celestial jewelry is made to transport you to another world. Discover the Celestial Collection now - and get ready to go Beyond.