"Beyond by Takayas": Butterfly Series


Throughout cultures the world over, butterflies are a striking symbol of life and the soul. Associated with ancient notions of rebirth and renewal, their initial life as tiny caterpillars and metamorphosis into magnificent, fluttering bursts of vibrant color tell a captivating story about the power of change - a theme that finds them right at home among the transformative concepts of our "Beyond" jewelry collection. Crafted in your color choice of 18K gold and sparkling with diamonds and sapphires, these butterfly-themed jewelry pieces are perfect for style-setters who love to start something new!

As such an enduring cultural icon, butterflies are widely represented across all kinds of artwork, including in jewelry. Rather than craft a literal interpretation of a butterfly-shaped charm with flat wings dangling from a chain or a pair of earrings, however, Takayas sought to take an even more symbolic and daring approach by sculpting his pieces in the form of a bejeweled butterfly ready to unfurl its wings from the shape of its former cocoon. From a front view, the jewelry series depicts the butterfly encased in a tube-like shape with a glittering center, culminating in rings of precious stones. Its wings encrusted with diamonds, the creature gently pushes against the shell that once protected it as it grew, awaiting the moment it will finally break free.


When viewed from the back, the hand-carved patterns of the butterfly's wings radiate from the center stone. Held in open bezel settings, the row of gems that line the cocoon can be seen through the wings, adding an extra dash of sparkle to the intricate weaving of precious metal. From the side one can clearly enjoy the three-dimensional shape of the piece that lends the butterfly such a compelling sense of depth and movement - almost as if it were really alive.


If you're on the hunt for a piece that's as statement-making as it is delicate and beautiful, our "Butterfly" jewelry series is made for you. Bringing a special sense of grace and lightness to your wardrobe, these pendants and earrings will elevate your style above the everyday, bringing you into a world of endless possibility... and transforming you into a taste-maker who looks toward the future!

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