A Trip Down Memory Lane With Takayas

Throughout the years Takayas Custom Jewelry has created many beautiful designs that we have personally tailored for each specific customer. With the 3-day weekend approaching we wanted to invite you to take a moment with us to revisit a few of the custom projects we’ve created over the years. Sailor Chibi Moon Inspired Engagement Ring This lovely rose gold ring set with a blushing pink tourmaline center stone was crafted by Takayas Custom Jewelry for our friends Virgilio and Lauren. A unique design inspired by the adorable little Sailor Scout, Chibi Moon. With the rosy custom engagement ring we crafted for him, Virgilio proposed to Lauren in 2015 while cosplaying as Link and Zelda at Anime Expo! Your Name Inspired Wedding Ring Your Name was a beautifully animated film that touched many with its astounding visuals and profound story released in 2017. Belinda and Chad were among those who were touched by Your Name, leading them to request a fantastical custom wedding ring from Takayas Custom Jewelry forged in white and rose gold. Takayas, who was also moved by the film, made sure to imbue their ring with a distinct yet subtle romanticism by incorporating tangible and intangible symbols. Cowboy Bebop Inspired Wedding Band Reflecting the red of a notorious bounty hunter’s signature ship is a fiery ruby at the center of a finely polished platinum ring. This meticulously sculpted piece is inspired by the popular sci-fi anime, Cowboy Bebop. Crafted on the request of Sanger for Jordan, who eats, breathes, and lives by the philosophies that Cowboy Bebop gave her. Looking back, we have not only made many designs inspired by diverse elements of fantasy and sci-fi, but we have also made so many new friends throughout the years! We are grateful to have met so many different people and to have been a part of so many stories by creating pieces of jewelry that tell great tales of love, friendship, and adventure embodied by elements especially dear to each of them. Thank you for joining us on our short stroll! If you would like to create your own custom jewelry piece imbued with your favorite elements and memories let Takayas Custom Jewelry help you design the perfect piece. Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.