Announcing the “Beyond by Takayas” Jewelry Collection

For over a decade, master jeweler Takayas Mizuno has devoted his craft to working in tandem with clients around the world to bring their beloved visions to life in striking pieces of custom jewelry. Between bright young couples and celebrity customers, he’s created it all: hundreds of one-of-a-kind engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and other designs testify to his boundless levels of creative innovation, all infused with a unique, forward-thinking aesthetic that marks every piece as unmistakably his own. This year, following a series of features in the June, July, and August 2019 issues of both British Vogue and Vogue Retail, he’s chosen to set his sights on the horizon that lies ahead, launching into an exciting and inventive jewelry collection of his own: “Beyond by Takayas”.

Takayas Custom Jewelry featured in the ‘Jewellery Designer Profile’ advertorial in the June 2019 issue of British Vogue

Takayas Custom Jewelry featured in the ‘Jewellery Designer Profile’ advertorial in the June 2019 issue of British Vogue

Inspired by the places where nature and technology meet, “Beyond” presents a fresh twist on ancient beauty. Takayas’ jewelry creations reflect a perfect melding of the futuristic and organic, from double-stranded rings inspired by DNA to exquisite crescent-shaped hoop earrings honoring the mystery of a solar eclipse. Pure, perfect lines and structural silhouettes echo the modern architecture of our built environments, curving into unexpected contours and dramatic shapes made possible for the first time by state-of-the-art jewelry design techniques.

With over 20 years of experience and a strong background in designing fully custom jewelry creations, Takayas’ sharp instinct for translating extraordinary aesthetics into sophisticated jewelry pieces and experimental approach put him ahead of the curve. To him, “Beyond” isn’t just a trend – it’s the natural next stage in the evolution of jewelry design. “‘Beyond’ is not out of reach,” he states. “It’s a step forward into the near-future. The hollow shape and strength of bamboo is familiar, for example, but “Beyond” imagines bamboo in a new context that makes a statement you can easily incorporate into your own life.”

Photography by Yin Fu

Photography by Yin Fu

A bold eagerness to push the boundaries, combined with a lifetime of hands-on traditional craftsmanship and a distinctly Japanese sensibility for starkness and simplicity, create pieces that are as stunning as they are wearable. An elegant sapphire-encrusted butterfly pendant pairs well with an evening dress; a sculptural engagement ring is made to decorate your finger for a lifetime.

As a certified gemologist and a lover of all things lapidary, Takayas enjoys jewelry designs that place the focus on a beautiful center diamond or a collection of precious accent gems. When it came to going “Beyond”, however, he sought to challenge the traditional notion that stones have to keep center stage by choosing to emphasize the stunning designs that that hold them. Architectural earrings, twirling ribbon-like bands, and intricate necklaces send a message that jewelry can equally be an art form where the meaning is held in the ingenuity that went into crafting it – where the willingness to dream of new ideas for what was possible is what matters the most.


“Beyond by Takayas” goes on sale Friday, May 10th, 2019. Elevate your wardrobe by shopping the collection on – and get ready to go beyond.

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