DNA Ring DNA-R-1001+(1).jpg

DNA Ring

DNA Ring - Gems DNA-R-1001-WD+(1).jpg

DNA Ring - Gems

from 2,580.00
EC-P-L-1001-BS (1).jpg "Beyond by Takayas" - Eclipse Pendant - 18K white gold with blue sapphire accent stones

Eclipse Pendant

from 1,950.00
Eclipse Earrings "Beyond by Takayas" - Eclipse Earrings - 18K white gold with blue sapphire accent stones

Eclipse Earrings

from 3,300.00
Eclipse Ring EC-R-1001-BS (1).png

Eclipse Ring

from 1,450.00
Eclipse Bangle EC-B-1001-BS (1).png

Eclipse Bangle

from 7,600.00
Stackable Ring STA-R-1001-WD+(1).jpg

Stackable Ring

from 2,500.00
Air Pendant EL-P-WI-1001-WT (2).jpg

Air Pendant

Earth Pendant EL-P-E-1002-GT+(3).jpg

Earth Pendant

Fire Pendant EL-P-F-1003-RT+(3).jpg

Fire Pendant

Water Pendant EL-P-WA-1001-BT (3).jpg

Water Pendant

Air Earrings EL-E-WI-1001-WT (2).jpg

Air Earrings

Earth Earrings EL-E-E-1002-GT+(2).jpg

Earth Earrings

Fire Earrings EL-E-F-1003-RT+(2).jpg

Fire Earrings

Water Earrings EL-E-WA-1001-BT (2).jpg

Water Earrings

Futurism Engagement Ring SIDE-BIO-R-1-1001-WD+(1).jpg

Futurism Engagement Ring

from 6,700.00
Nouveau Engagement Ring BIO-R-2-1001-WD+(1).jpg

Nouveau Engagement Ring

from 6,950.00
Bamboo Pendant BA-P1-18W-WD+(3).PNG

Bamboo Pendant

from 17,500.00
Bamboo Earrings "Beyond by Takayas" - Bamboo Earrings - 18K white gold with diamonds

Bamboo Earrings

from 15,600.00
Bamboo Ring BA-R1-18W-WD (3).jpg

Bamboo Ring

from 5,000.00
Butterfly Pendant BU-P-1001-WD (1).jpg

Butterfly Pendant

from 20,000.00
Butterfly Earrings BU-E-1002-OS+(3).jpg

Butterfly Earrings

from 20,500.00