Your Name Anime Inspired Engagement Ring

While all our projects are special, this week’s engagement ring holds an especially dear place in our hearts. JR, a former Takayas team member, is engaged! While JR has moved on to another career path, he learned the intricacies of custom jewelry while he worked with Takayas. When the time came for him to propose to his beloved partner Sandee, Takayas was humbly honored to take this journey with him. JR shared that he and Sandee love the movie Your Name. Identifying with Taki and Mitsuha, the star-crossed body-swapping protagonists of the film, he wanted Takayas to use the movie as inspiration for Sandee’s engagement ring. So, with RADWIMPS’s Your Name soundtrack playing in the background, Takayas endeavored to make their engagement ring dreams come true. The story of Sandee’s ring begins with the beautiful sparkling diamond that JR selected. The magnificent princess-cut diamond center stone evokes the origin of Comet Tiamat from the movie. With an orbital period of 50,200 years, it is a symbol of the rare and precious love that one is lucky to find once in a lifetime. From this celestial phenomenon, the design splits into two, gracefully dancing down the sides of the shoulders of the band into an asymmetric design. Given Sandee’s favorite color is purple, amethysts were the natural choice to bejewel the comet on the sides of the band. Ruby and sapphire accent stones adorn the side galleries to further echo the brilliant colors that the comet creates as it enters the atmosphere before it diverges into separate paths. Hidden under the centerpiece diamond, Takayas carved a shooting star into the under gallery. It not only serves as a nod to the movie the couple loves, but also as a symbol of hope and good fortune for their precious union. Lastly, JR had a special message he wanted to have engraved on the inner band. “Suki da” was engraved in hiragana as a special message to Sandee. If you’ve seen the movie, you will remember that this is written on Taki’s palm to convey his love for Mitsuha. How romantic! With the ring complete, the overall design achieves an elegant and sleek composition that will stand the test of time well into their golden years together.

Once JR received his ring from Takayas, he was ready to take Sandee on a trip to Japan. Little did she know that this would be a life-changing trip. While in Tokyo, the couple enjoyed sightseeing and going to places that they had on their wish lists. After a delightful visit to the adorable Pompompurin Café, JR took Sandee to Harajuku to reenact the famous staircase scene from Your Name. JR enlisted the help of another couple who also were fans of Your Name to record their reenactment. As JR climbed the stairs to meet Sandee above, he slyly took the ring box out of his pocket to surprised her with the big question. For JR, time stopped and the few seconds that transpired felt like an eternity until he heard Sandee’s sweet and enthusiastic yes.

We send a big congratulations to JR and Sandee on their engagement. We wish them every happiness during a long and loving life together! 


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