X-Files Inspired Engagement Ring

Did you know that Takayas is an X-Files fan? The X-Files was a big hit in Japan when it came out, and he eagerly anticipated watching the series each week before he moved to the US. To Takayas’ delight, we received our first request for an X-Files inspired ring this year.

Sean originally contacted us for an anime inspired ring for his girlfriend. He’d seen a Sailor Moon ring on our website and thought it would be perfect for her. As we went through the consultation process, he realized that the engagement ring could be something much more sentimental to their relationship. The X-Files was his girlfriend’s favorite series. As a couple, they bonded over the relationship Mulder and Scully had in the series. So with that in mind and heart, he commissioned a bespoke X-Files inspired ring for his beloved. That’s the beauty of a fully custom ring -- Takayas can translate anything a client can imagine into a tangible and meaningful piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. With the X-File’s famous taglines "The Truth is Out There" and "I Want to Believe" echoing in his mind, Takayas set out to create an elegant and timeless engagement ring. Rather than make it a literal interpretation of the X-Files or a costumey ring, Takayas crafted the one-of-a-kind design with hidden meanings throughout. Someone looking at this beautiful ring may have no idea of the profound symbolism it embodies, but Takayas subtly imbued it with iconography that would serve as a metaphor for the couple’s love. To begin, vivid violet gems surround a prodigious amethyst that crowns the ring. A classic halo style at first glance one would assume, but it could be interpreted as a spaceship hovering over the ring's shank. For the shoulders, a sophisticated crisscross X shape covered in amethysts creates the band. It speaks for itself, but it represents the couple’s mutual love of the iconic show. Another interpretation is the X represents how the couple’s lives have crossed paths, now forever intertwined. Returning to the crown of the ring, the bridge beams down with pear-shaped peridot stones, much like how spaceships are said to beam down to Earth. The peridots represent the couple’s birthstones along with the amethysts and are a playful nod to the ubiquitous depiction of alien eyes. Finally, hidden under the extra-terrestrial crowning stone aka spaceship, there is an X engraved in the under gallery of the ring. Yet another nod to the X-files, but one could think of it as an X that represents a kiss -- the tender kiss that will seal the couple’s marriage upon saying their vows.

We were overjoyed to hear that Sean proposed and, of course, she said yes. We’d like to thank the lovely couple for taking this jewelry journey with us. We wish them continued happiness with many new adventures to come!


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