World of Warcraft Tyrande Whisperwind Inspired Engagement Ring

Tyrande Whisperwind is one of the most powerful women in Azeroth - as the chosen high priestess of the moon goddess Elune, the leader of the mystical night elves, and the partner in both love and battle of the mighty druid Malfurion Stormrage, you might call her something of an icon for fantasy girls everywhere. Veronica and Derek approached Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a World of Warcraft-inspired engagement ring that would pay homage to the MMORPG where they met so many years ago, with a special emphasis on one of Veronica's very favorite night elves.

For the shank of the engagement ring, Takayas took inspiration from the romantic, swirling design of Tyrande's high priestess armor from Heroes of the Storm. The patterns of her bracers and pauldrons twirl around the 14K white gold band, giving the ring a curvaceous, feminine style. On the ring's shoulders, accent diamonds sit in a triangular shape reflecting the adornment of her skirt. Hardly one to forget Tyrande's faithful snowy spirit owl companion Dori'thur, Takayas also incorporated owl feathers in an undulating pattern on either side of the band to enhance the ring's organic appeal.

Sitting high on top, the ring's crown jewel, is a rich blue sapphire deep and dark as night. If Malfurion had to do it all over again, we think this is the ring he would have used to propose to his lovely Priestess of the Moon!

As for the real creators of the ring, Veronica and Derek were blown away when we presented them with their finished piece. "The ring is stunning!" Veronica said. "It’s everything we had hoped for and more. Takayas really nailed the design. Thank you so much!"

Thank you, Veronica and Derek, for inviting us to create a beautiful custom engagement ring that reflects the game - and the legendary night elven warrior! - that brought you together. As Tyrande Whisperwind herself would say... may Elune shine upon you both!

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