Woodland Inspired Wedding Set


When it comes to wedding jewelry, nature-themed designs are an enduring style among all manner of couples. Flowers, trees, and leaves abound, decorating pieces that range from delightfully rustic wedding bands to minimalist engagement rings that revolve around the abstract concept of an open blossom. Rather than settle for a premade collection of designs, however, our friends Rebecca and Daniel came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create something of their very own: a full wedding set of unique, custom woodland-inspired rings!


Rebecca and Daniel share a love of the ethereal artwork of Yoshitaka Amano, the famed illustrator behind several entries in the Final Fantasy video game series. To Takayas, the beauty of Amano's work lies in the gentle, sweeping movement of his brushstrokes; to capture that same essence in jewelry form, he hand-engraved a bark-like texture into the 14K white gold bands of this sweet couple’s rings. Draped in flowing vines and leaves inspired by the whimsical art style associated with the Lord of the Rings, their wedding set could easily pass for actual tokens passed straight from the hands of the forest-folk!

Rebecca's dainty engagement ring is crafted with a compelling two-tone look, with a 14K yellow gold setting cradling her dazzling peridot center stone. On either side of the shank, delicate vines wrap around the mounting as they would crawl along the branches of a tree. Her matching wedding band shines with a series of embedded peridot accent stones, gleaming against the bark-textured band like golden-green dewdrops in the sun.


For Daniel's ring, Takayas merged together the elements of Rebecca's design and encased them between two solid bands of white gold, lending his piece a wonderfully sturdy quality. The clever use of negative space highlights the ring's organic feel, as vines curl and twist along the open areas of the shank. From band to band, a robust, deeply-textured branch reaches across, like a gorgeous piece of nature immortalized within a frame.

When Rebecca and Daniel finally received their special rings in person, they just couldn't keep their hands off of them! "I do not think either of us properly anticipated how timeless and perfect our rings would be," Rebecca said. "We just keep taking them out of their boxes and admiring them. You have made our day, and probably much more than that too! Thank you for creating these items that will be very special to us for the rest of our lives."

On top of expressing their adoration for their designs, Rebecca and Daniel were kind enough to share a picture of their wedding set in action - sparkling on their fingers as they cut the wedding cake!

Thank you, Rebecca and Daniel, for inviting us to create a spectacular set of rings that put such an original and heartfelt twist on a classic theme. We wish you both a life of happiness as you walk hand-in-hand together - and that your amazing relationship continues to flourish like a woodland in summer!

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