Vintage-Style Sailor Moon Inspired Engagement Ring

Since first meeting through swing dancing over five years ago, Cindy and Max have shared incredible adventures in everything from dance to travel to fandom. To celebrate the evolution of such an extraordinary relationship, they both knew that only an equally one-of-a-kind engagement ring could ever do - and Cindy in particular had set her heart on working with Takayas Custom Jewelry virtually from day one! Inspired by her passion for the legendary magical girl series Sailor Moon, this sweet couple's vintage-style platinum ring reflects a perfectly celestial aesthetic, twinkling with lovely star and moon motifs.


"Cindy has been a fan of Sailor Moon for as long as she can remember, ever since she first watched it on American TV as a child," our friends cheerfully explained of the story behind their special design. Her love of the series sprung a lifelong obsession with cute astronomical patterns, which even today decorate everything from Cindy's clothes to her stationery! When they chose to co-design her amazing custom engagement ring together, it was only natural for Cindy and Max to center their stunning jewelry around her most beloved symbols.

Taking the spotlight within their dazzling ring, their uniquely-colored lab-grown sapphire glimmers in a setting wrapped with Sailor Moon's signature crescent icon. Elegant clusters of marquise-cut moissanite accent stones and round-cut gems held within sparkling stars flank their centerpiece on either side, giving their piece a delightful vintage feel while still being captivatingly sleek and modern!


To feature all of Cindy's meaningful elements within such a dainty design, Takayas crafted her ring with a delicate split shank, allowing each aspect the space to shine without being too bulky. The two graceful bands culminate together in a stylish chevron shape, forming the pointed silhouette of Sailor Moon's tiara! For a charming surprise underneath, another hidden star creates the undergallery that upholds the couple's precious sapphire.

"I absolutely love the ring and am so entranced by it!" Cindy rejoiced, after her spectacular piece finally found its rightful place on her finger. "It's even more beautiful in person. Everyone who sees it remarks how unique it is and how much it suits my style. Max and I are so happy with how it came out, and I will treasure it forever!"


Thank you, Cindy and Max, for inviting us to play a role alongside you both as you truly brought your jewelry dreams to life. In the name of the moon, we wish you a lifetime of nothing but love and happiness together!

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