"Unconventional" Two-Tone Engagement Ring


Custom engagement rings give couples the opportunity to create meaningful jewelry pieces that resonate with who they are. Our friend Carrie came to Takayas Custom Jewelry on the search for a unique ring that suited her girlfriend's "unconventional" style! Two-tone metals and modern details make this special design truly one-of-a-kind.

"My girlfriend has an androgynous style," Carrie explained of her inspirations for her custom piece. She enjoyed the idea of creating a fresh, original engagement ring that would make a statement without the use of a large center stone, and Takayas was glad to deliver! A row of seven sparkling diamond accent stones reaches diagonally across the band.


Artistically sculpted two-tone white and yellow gold lends eye-catching contrast to the sleek engagement ring. A tapering shank creates an elegant silhouette, while ensuring a comfortable fit. Carrie's girlfriend also loves the ocean - and for a special surprise, Takayas carved the inner band with flowing wave patterns!


"Oh my goodness, the ring is absolutely perfect," Carrie rejoiced when her extraordinary jewelry arrived home. "And better than I could have even imagined a ring could be when I set out to commission one. I am so glad that I chose Takayas and his team!"

Thank you, Carrie, for inviting us to craft a stunning custom jewelry piece that expands the possibilities for what an engagement ring can be. We wish you and your now-fiancée endless years of love and joy together!

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