Tritone Sailor Moon Inspired Engagement Ring

Sailor Moon, above all else, revolutionized the way we interpret mythology in the modern age. Combining color, personality, and virtue, audiences were given curated packages painted in 90’s fervor and all things adorable. The sailor soldiers share planetary names, accounting for every known space entity. The holy grail contains transformative powers. The Three Talismans amount to sacred treasures. And now, Miguel’s bride-to-be holds the crescent moon between her fingers.

Takayas set the pristine center diamond in a yellow gold crescent moon, before creating a rose motif winding down the sides of the shank. To finish, he added an animated pink accent stone set in the center of each flower. For an additional Sailor Moon reference, Takayas encompassed the ring with the shape of Sailor Moon’s tiara. The result celebrates the series’ innate girlishness while highlighting its most paramount of symbols.

Design by Takayas Mizuno of Takayas Custom Jewelry.

Although whimsy and downright cuteness certainly have their place in the series, its lessons are never masked. Tales of hubris, darkness, trial, and error are given meaning only through the dichotomy of love, heroism, and triumph. It’s here that we identify ourselves within the series, the symbols becoming personal logos we may wear on our backpacks and hats, briefly summarizing our life experiences to passersby.


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