Timeless Love – An Engagement Ring Inspired by Family

Our friends, Emmy and John, asked Takayas Custom Jewelry to take on the task of crafting a sophisticated and elegant design that would beautifully capture their sweet relationship. Wanting to incorporate the diamonds they inherited from their families, we invited them into our studio to better familiarize ourselves with their vision and to appraise their heritage pieces. After the meeting and getting to know the lovely couple better, we were excited to create a meaningful design incorporating stones filled with great memories. Emmy and John provided us with a carefully compiled presentation of what they had envisioned, which greatly helped Takayas in creating a stunning design that represented the love they shared. Based on the insightful presentation and conversations shared, their engagement ring features their diamonds at the center of their design with personally meaningful elements that complement their gorgeous brilliance! Though seemingly wide at first glance, Takayas made sure to prioritize the comfortability of their engagement ring by creating a nice taper along the design. Their engagement ring features two main diamonds, one from each of their families, intently set leveled into the elegantly curved band. Takayas sculpted the band in a way that portrays a graceful floating style with the two main diamonds laid snug amongst the gently curving branches, breathing with life and movement as flowers and petals dance around their resplendent beauty. Belonging to Emmy’s family is the diamond that is kept company by a sweet pink sapphire accented cherry blossom. The extraordinary cherry blossom blooming with great eternal love is dedicated to John’s mother, Stephanie, highlighted by a lovely pink sapphire and adorable petite flowers that emphasize her proud feminine grace. John’s family diamond sits tall to the left of the design, kept company by the finely placed accent diamonds that belong to Emmy’s family, painting a sophisticated and contemporary look. Interlocking with one another, each side represents the families welcoming both Emmy and John as one of their own. A design that seamlessly converges, symbolizing two families coming together by the joyous union of two lovers. As an added touch, within the under gallery, two stars with film camera silhouettes carved in their centers paint the history of film that both Emmy and John come from. “I am so excited -- the ring is beautiful!” Emmy’s review of the renders we shared was positively wonderful! “I teared up when I saw it. Really, really wonderful work. I'm so happy. I love the cherry blossom with the little pink sapphire to represent Stephanie and the two Hollywood stars underneath the band. It really feels like a merging of our two families, and I love it. I love the curved edges and how comfortable it looks. I can see how much care and thought you have put into our meaningful ring. Thank you so much, truly.” The awestruck reactions we received from Emmy and John when they laid their eyes upon their polished custom engagement ring were just as worthwhile! Sharing their experience with us, we were ecstatic to receive their kind words, “Working with Takayas exceeded all of our expectations. We are beyond thrilled with the ring and the level of artistry and care that he put into it. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a meaningful custom ring!” Thank you, Emmy and John, for allowing us to participate in your journey and have the honor of crafting a piece to signify your new beginning with materials filled with personal memorable history! We wish you both eternal love and happiness! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.