Three Pairs of Blooming Flower Earrings – Of Coral, Benitoite, and Jade

A couple of weeks ago we featured some of the beautiful designs Takayas Custom Jewelry created for our self-purchasing clientele. This week we’d like to shine the spotlight on the custom earrings we shared in that post! Receiving an inquiry from our friend Connie brought smiles to our faces as we enjoy being able to work on creating new homes for a set of lovely stones. She had received some earrings that weren’t fitting quite right, so she reached out to us to see if we could create new settings for their stones that would be easier for her to wear while matching them to the style of her other jewelry. Requesting designs that would match and complement her other jewelry she provided a pair of her elegant pearl earrings for inspiration. Seeing that they were shaped similarly to a blooming flower, Takayas worked on designing delicate floral themed settings for Connie. For her red coral pair, a 5-petaled design was molded to carefully envelop and cradle their spherical shapes, creating an image of a gorgeous fruit-bearing flower. Whereas her alluring faceted benitoite stones were set in a marvelous four-prong setting, blooming to life within their shimmering white gold seats. Connie’s serene jade stones were paired with an exquisite flowering yellow gold design. Its prongs were designed to hug and complement its rounded shape, protecting it from harm. While similarly inspired, each pair of earrings were tailored to the stones that would be seated within. Every pair held their own character and beauty that was enhanced by the suit of gold crafted specifically for them. “These look beautiful and I'm so, so excited! They've definitely made my day.” Connie was smitten with the new settings we created for her! We were glad to have been triumphant in delivering designs that brought about such a joyful reaction. Thank you, Connie, for allowing us to be the ones to provide your lovely stones with new homes! We appreciate the journey you laid out for us, and we hope your personally customized earrings continue to brighten your days. Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.