The Legend of Heroes Inspired Men's Wedding Band

After Nic proposed to Whitney with a custom engagement ring inspired by their memories playing Lunar together, Whitney wanted to surprise him back. She came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to craft a wedding band themed after another JRPG that holds a special place in their relationship, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky! The love story between the leading characters Estelle and Joshua unfolds in a stunningly unique design.

Nic's ring features an eye-catching colorful centerpiece, based on the Orbment elemental system from the Trails universe. Embellished with a black diamond in the middle to represent Joshua's affinity for Time, a rainbow of shimmering gemstones reflect a variety of other power-boosting elements. This Orbment is flanked on either side with a stylized version of the shield-like emblem of the Bracer Guild that Estelle and Joshua join together, mirroring the Dragonmaster shield on Whitney's Lunar inspired engagement ring.

The armored hand that typically overlays the Bracer Guild emblem instead forms the ring's sleek undergallery. For a final, heartfelt touch, Takayas etched the underside of the Orbment centerpiece with an image of Joshua's harmonica, alluding to the iconic song "The Whereabouts of Light" that connects Estelle and Joshua to one another.

"My jaw just fell open," Whitney said when she saw the design. "This is incredible! I am amazed at how Takayas can pull so many themes together and blend them so well." To her delight, Nic was equally blown away by his extraordinary wedding band!

Thank you, Whitney and Nic, for inviting us to craft another meaningful custom ring that continues the tale of your beautiful relationship. We wish you a lifetime of joy, love, and adventure together!

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