Strength & Justice – A Lady Justice Inspired Ring

Some years ago, Takayas Custom Jewelry made rings for Sarah that were tied to a promise to love, honor, and keep. When we received a new inquiry from her, we found that she was no longer bound by that promise. This time, she reached out to us to commission a ring for herself, and this week we highlight her self-purchase story along with the lovely custom ring we specially made for her. Crafted specifically for our dear friend Sarah, around the concept of “Strong” based on her vision, this ruby-accented platinum ring shines elegantly as an embodiment of both strength and justice! “It’s amazing and feels so personal and perfect.” Presented with the first renderings of her personalized ring, Sarah shared in admiration of the design Takayas created for her. After the ring was completed and sent out to her, we reached out to Sarah for a testimonial to feature with her unique ring. Least to say that her words touched us, and we were honored to have been able to work on such a meaningful project. “Takayas designed my wedding and engagement rings back in 2012, and his work was fantastic, and the personal care he provided was second to none. So, when my divorce was finalized, I knew exactly who I wanted to craft me a new ring to celebrate my new life. Like many other women, I'd found myself in an abusive marriage, and with a lot of support, I survived, and I left. I changed my surname after my divorce to "Laidir", which is the Irish word for "strong" to represent the strength I'd found on my journey. I contacted Takayas about designing me a ring around that word and gave him no other direction. What Takayas didn't know was that I'd begun to do some awareness advocacy for domestic and intimate partner violence. When I first saw his design, I knew it was perfect. It had red ruby stones, to signify strength and vitality, like the life I'd created for myself. He just happened to remember that years earlier, I was studying law, but he did not know the intense passion I'd found for the profession. He put two smaller stones on each side to symbolize Lady Justice's scales, and tapered edges to represent her sword, for the justice I strive to find for women. There was a delicate filigree under the stones to represent my new Irish name. When I saw it, I gasped. The care that Takayas took to create something so deeply personal for me was touching. I was a little nervous, because most of the rings he makes are engagement and wedding rings, in fact, that's how I found him in the first place. That said, you don't have to be getting married to get yourself something really special, and Takayas is definitely the person you want designing anything that will be really special to you. I have over 300 rings, and this one is an easy favorite of mine. His team was responsive, and I found the price to be incredibly reasonable for such a unique work of art.” Remembering back to when Takayas first worked with Sarah, she was studying law at the time and honor of her journey and the incredible strength within her, he chose to reflect her concept of “Strong” through a subtle and artistic representation of Lady Justice. The essence of her iconic symbol beautifully portrays the justice that Sarah champions and empowers others to seek for themselves. A powerful center ruby, shining with vitality, is flanked by mirror images of the sleek blade of Lady Justice’s sword. Round bezel settings hold two additional rubies on either end, like the weights on her scale. For a special touch that ties into the deep meaning of Sarah’s Irish surname, gracefully sculpted filigree seamlessly fills the compelling open spaces of her band, calling to mind the ornate swirling details of traditional Celtic art.Thank you, Sarah, for the thoughtfulness you have shared with us and for allowing us to be a part of your new life! We sincerely appreciate your openness in sharing your story and your determination in helping others with similar challenges. If you would like to make your own special and meaningful custom jewelry, visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas