The Stormlight Archive Windrunner Inspired Engagement Ring

Across many of the stories told to us at Takayas Custom Jewelry, a shared enjoyment of a certain piece of media is what brought our clients together. Whether it over was long hours spent giving it their all in a multiplayer video game, or in always saving the date to see the next installment of their favorite movie series together as soon as it hit the big screen, people can find love in the space created by the sheer joy of sharing their interests with someone who really "gets it." For our friends Rebi and Tim, however, their mutual passion lied not in a game or a show, but in a collection of books - namely, Brandon Sanderson's sprawling epic fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive. To celebrate their wonderful relationship, they came to Takayas to create a beautiful custom engagement ring inspired by their love of the Cosmere!


Rebi's engagement ring reflects the Windrunners, an Order of the legendary Knights Radiant who serve to protect the world of Roshar against annihilation. Their patron is the divine Herald of the Almighty known as Jezrien, worshipped as both a fearsome master of the storms and a merciful bringer of life. Crafting her ring with a stylish, two-toned look, Takayas wrapped the clean platinum shank with intricate 14K yellow gold detailing representing the arcane patterns of Jezrien's Honorblade. A dazzling Forever Brilliant moissanite makes for a sparkling centerpiece, framed with delicately rounded prongs.


Cradling Rebi’s center stone, the glyph of Zephyr extends into the ring’s prongs, further reflecting the noble ideals the Windrunners hold dear. Wearing this sacred jewel on your finger, one might be compelled to go out and give a good fight for truth and justice themselves!

Rebi and Tim absolutely loved their custom engagement ring. Although Rebi herself was the one who first approached us about creating her special engagement ring, Tim decided to keep the arrival of the finished piece a secret - a perfect, sweet surprise for when he would actually pop the big question! Considering that she said "Yes," we think his plan turned out to be a success.

Thank you, Rebi and Tim, for giving us the opportunity to design a stunning engagement ring based upon such a unique concept that's so meaningful to you as a couple! We wish you a lifetime of neverending joy and love - and after immersing ourselves in all the Cosmere lore involved in your fantastic piece, we think we're going to go pick up a copy of The Way of Kings ourselves!

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