Stardew Valley x Tetris Inspired Engagement Ring

To propose to Helen, his long-time partner, Bronte wanted to go with a custom ring that shared their shared love for video games. He reached out to Takayas Custom Jewelry with a well-written background of his relationship with Helen. He wanted to be sure that we would be able to capture the amazing relationship that they shared. Enduring trials and tribulations while laughing and sharing plenty of endearing moments together.For Helen, Bronte chose two main games to take from – Stardew Valley, a nice go-at-your-own-pace farming game, and Tetris, a game Helen enjoyed from an early age. With a gorgeous lab-grown blue sapphire centerpiece, their custom ring features the adorable little spirits notable to the classic pixelated farming RPG along with stylized pieces of Tetriminoes!“We the Jumino are happy to aid you.” Helpful magical creatures they are, the sweet apple-shaped spirits are ready to assist Bronte and Helen however they can! Framing their alluring blue sapphire center stone are two Junimo huts on either side of their polished band. The friendly forest spirits that live within the huts are joyfully working to aid them in this new chapter of their lives. Singing cheerfully as they waddle along, the Junimo work with glee to move finely crafted Tetris blocks. Working hard to help Bronte and Helen in building their new life together.

Placed purposefully to empower and accented with blue sapphires, the mysterious Stardrop fruits decorate the side profiles of their custom engagement ring. As a special touch, Takayas added a meticulously sculpted design of the Mermaid’s Pendant within the open frame of their ring’s under gallery. “Thank you so much for everything!!! I just saw the ring and I'm loving it!” We followed up after Bronte received the ring and he shared with us kind words filled with much contagious enthusiasm!

Thank you, Bronte, for sharing your story and for inviting us to create Helen’s special engagement ring. We wish you both great everlasting love and that you may continue to push each other to grow and flourish! 


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