Star Wars x The Legend of Zelda Inspired Engagement Ring

With the premiere of the new Star Wars series, Andor, and the announcement of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, today we just had to feature an exquisite custom design that blends the two epic franchises! For his partner, Nicole, Jarod aimed to craft an exceptional engagement ring that would intertwine both their interests together – The Legend of Zelda for Nicole and Star Wars for himself. Reaching out to Takayas Custom Jewelry he commissioned a narrow , twisting band crowned with a brilliant diamond! Two action-adventure sagas held dear to Jarod and Nicole meet as one in a stunning white gold engagement ring. Distinctive elements of Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda play off of one another to create a piece that’s truly unique to them and the love they share. Rather than giving one portion of the ring a Star Wars theme and the other a Legend of Zelda theme, Takayas chose to seamlessly blend both themes together into a beautifully symmetric, sophisticated design to be cherished forever.The symbol of the Jedi Order shines on each shoulder of their band, rounded wings curving to uphold a dazzling center diamond. The Master Sword’s hilt rests just underneath the symbol, its blade forming the underside of the ring in a style similar to our round Zelda inspired collection design. Ahsoka Tano’s unique Lightsabers wrap around each other in a narrow, elegantly twisting shape, embellished with rows of bright diamond accent stones. Jarod shared with us his experience crafting his lovely custom ring, “My experience with your company was awesome. I was happy with how often you followed up and the rendering you sent.” For lovers of epic adventures and daring lore, Jarod had the perfect proposal planned for Nicole. As they both love escape rooms, Jarod built one for the proposal in a rented house with the ring at the end of the challenge, and he shared a video of the special moment with us! Thank you, Jarod and Nicole, for giving us the opportunity to craft an amazing design combining bold sci-fi and high fantasy! We wish you all the best and may a grand scale of love follow you wherever you may go! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.