Spider-Man Inspired Men's Wedding Band



After surprising his partner Margaret with an extraordinary Spider-Man inspired engagement ring back in 2017, our friend Alexis knew he would be returning to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a custom wedding band of his very own. A self-professed "comic nerd" and lover of all things Marvel, there was no doubt that his stunning ring would continue the theme of the couple's favorite superhero!


For a design that's as bold and unique as it is refined and sophisticated, Takayas skillfully adorned Alexis' wedding band with some of the most iconic elements of Spider-Man's character. Draping the shank with carefully sculpted webbing, the patterns culminate in mirror images of his costume's spider emblem on either side of the band. Spider-Man's masked eyes gaze outward from the middle of the luxurious white gold ring, creating a striking centerpiece.


As a sweet tribute to Margaret's heritage, her engagement ring features a lovely Celtic Knot-inspired design along the top of the band. Alexis himself happens to be a big fan of Sacred Geometry, and as a hidden surprise, Takayas added a beloved symbol of his own within his design! Delicately carved inside the undergallery of his ring, the holy Flower of Life unfurls. Held close against Alexis' finger, the interweaving structure serves as an eternal reminder of the connection he and Margaret share.

"I'm so excited to show off my new wedding ring," Alexis cheered after receiving his spectacular finished piece. "It's gorgeous and I couldn't be any happier!" Not too long later, he got his opportunity as he and Margaret celebrated their wedding in true superhero style - complete with custom cake topper referencing the famous movie kiss between Spider-Man and Mary Jane. For this cool couple, it was an incredible day they'll never forget!

Photo credit:  Lindsay Hackney Photography

Photo credit: Lindsay Hackney Photography

Thank you, Alexis and Margaret, for inviting us to complete the beautiful custom wedding set that truly speaks to the things you love. We hope that the memories you two continue to create together are nothing short of amazing - just like the amazing Spider-Man himself!

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