Some of This Year's Final Fantasy Inspired Designs

There have been so many new creations crafted here at Takayas Custom Jewelry. All the custom pieces we created, whether ordered as a personal gift or for another, were each filled with a great deal of care and meaning. The end of the year approaches quickly as we celebrate the holidays with our loved ones. From friends to family, the familiar old faces, and the new ones we acquaint with. Many of you requested designs inspired by the games you played, making memories within a vast foreign world of magic and wonder. In 2022, we received a lot of requests for custom designs inspired by Final Fantasy, a magnificent franchise with an expansive world and engaging lore that brought together so many individuals. This holiday season we’re going to highlight some of those amazing Final Fantasy inspired designs that were built around moments so dear and cherished. Final Fantasy VII Cloud & Aerith Inspired Engagement Ring Made to illustrate the love shared between Cloud and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII is the stunning engagement ring we crafted for Mai-Huy and his partner. His ring outlines Aerith’s graceful image and is colored by Cloud’s striking features. Rich yellow gold wraps around a blue topaz center stone, forming delicate leaves and diamond adorned lilies in a darling split shank style.

A Wedding Band Imbued with the Essence of Final Fantasy Of two-tone white and yellow gold, centered with a marquise-cut blue topaz is Brian’s personal wedding band. The Final Fantasy series has been one of the most impactful things throughout his life and has been a big influence on the person he is today. From their music to the characters and their struggles, to the art, and more. His ring’s centerpiece represents the iconic Final Fantasy crystal set between the wings of the famous Distant Worlds symphony concert, embellished by Yoshitaka Amano’s unique art style.

Matching FFXIV Inspired Wedding Bands – Hers & His Musically enamored, notable features of the Bard and Dancer decorate Jay’s band while Spencer’s is armored with features of the fearless Paladin. Inspired partly by the jobs they play in Final Fantasy XIV, Spencer and Jay’s ornate platinum wedding bands were crafted as a set to give tribute to their mutual passion for games. Their bands boast individual characteristics while maintaining a matching foundation that showcases the loving memories they share, telling a story through the intricate designs they frame. Those are just some of the breathtaking designs we created this year inspired by Final Fantasy. There are still plenty of others we’ve crafted based on your experiences with the famous science fantasy world that we have yet been able to share them all. We’re sure that there will be more to come next year, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us! We hope you enjoyed today's feature, we wish you all a magical holiday filled with laughter and joy! Want to bring to life your very own custom ring? Takayas Custom Jewelry would be delighted to help design your very own fantastical custom ring! 


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