Seething Bazelgeuse Inspired Wedding Set

Last year Takayas Custom Jewelry crafted a beguiling design that was inspired by an explosive monster, the Seething Bazelgeuse! This was a custom wedding set by request of Antonio for his partner, Tiffany. Sharing a mutual love for Monster Hunter – and of course other games – they enjoy spending time together taking on great challenges, fighting side by side against ferocious monsters and grand foes. For the engagement ring, raising their marquise-cut purple sapphire center stone to the sky are intricate rose golden patterns that were meticulously sculpted and laid atop a white gold foundation. Takayas crafted the structure of the ring to reflect the body of the magnificent seething dragon based on the design of its in-game icon. Embellishing the side profile of the ring’s exquisite design are lovely small purple sapphires and within the complex patterned metalwork, several purple sapphires are imbedded to replicate the Seething Bazelgeuse’s charming glow. Complementing the elegant engagement ring is a wedding band that curves and bends in a graceful complementary organic design. Riddled with more shimmering purple sapphires, set visibly upon its sophisticated design, the wedding band shines with its own beauty. The wedding band's design takes from the Seething Bazelgeuse's unique wings, firmly grasping the lavender stone at the center are the claws of the large monster. To ensure that the design seamlessly complements the engagement ring, Takayas sculpted a similar ornate pattern for the wedding band in rose gold laid upon sleek white gold. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! IT EXISTS AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!” When Takayas finished the rings, we received such a wonderful response from Antonio! Truthfully, we were all in awe at how simply gorgeous the unique set turned out!

Thank you, Antonio and Tiffany, for choosing us to work on your custom wedding set! May your custom rings remind you of the grand adventures you’ve conquered together and the fearless love you both share for one another. 


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