Sculptural Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Our friend Tomoaki came to Takayas Custom Jewelry in search of a diamond engagement ring that was as unique and heartfelt as it was refined and timeless. His amazing design features a one-of-a-kind sculptural band, including a modern take on the classic halo setting!

Crafted in shimmering white gold, Tomoaki's gorgeous engagement ring twists and twirls around his partner's finger. Trails of bright diamond accent stones illuminate the organic shapes of the band. A magnificent diamond centerpiece chosen by Tomoaki shines at the very top, symbolizing this sweet couple's everlasting love.

The most remarkable element of Tomoaki's show-stopping design is revealed when the ring is viewed from the side. To incorporate a halo-like setting without interrupting the flow of the band, Takayas cleverly embellshed the curved prongs with tiny sparkling diamonds.

A few months after receiving his stunning piece, Tomoaki reached out to share fantastic news: "I just asked my girlfriend to marry me today, and she was absolutely thrilled with the ring! Please let Takayas know that I deeply appreciate his time and effort and making such a wonderful masterpiece."

Thank you, Tomoaki, for working with us to create the extraordinary custom engagement ring of your dreams. We wish you and your now-fiancée a lifetime of happiness together!

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