Sci-Fi Daisy Inspired Engagement Ring

Eric's partner Caitlin is a big fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy. "Her favorite fandoms are Stargate, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter," he explained to us at the start of his special project. To create a heartfelt engagement ring that she would treasure forever, Eric came to Takayas Custom Jewelry for a design that seamlessly merged all the things she holds close to her heart!


Mirror images of Stargate's iconic logo give structure to Caitlin's special engagement ring, culminating in white sapphires that represent the sun as it rises over the Alpha Gate's pyramid. A glittering line of jewels leads upward to a stunning daisy centerpiece, reflecting Caitlin's favored flower! Held within the rounded petals, a gorgeous white sapphire shines.



The Eleventh Doctor's own Sonic Screwdriver creates the inner portion of the band, wrapping around Caitlin's finger. As a surprise reference to the playful center of Eric and Caitlin's relationship, an adorable Niffler of Harry Potter fame curls around the under-gallery. Its tiny hands grab at the Doctor's Screwdriver, irresistibly drawn to its captivating light.

"Wow!" Eric exclaimed upon seeing Takayas' renders of his amazing design. "I knew it was going to look great, but I’m amazed at just how perfect it is!" When the reveal came to Caitlin herself, she was equally blown away by the fantastic ring created just for her!


“As far as my experience working with you guys, it’s been incredible," he went on to say when we followed up with him after the big proposal. "Caitlin still keeps admiring it weeks later and she loves showing off all the little details to all of our friends. We are both looking forward to working with you guys for our wedding rings!"

Thank you, Eric, for giving us the opportunity to craft a beautiful engagement ring that represents the things that are truly meaningful to your relationship. Here's wishing you and Caitlin the best in wherever your adventures take you - whether across galaxies, timelines, or wizarding worlds!

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