Sailor Chibi Moon & Helios Inspired Wedding Band

Takayas Custom Jewelry specializes in crafting spectacular jewelry pieces that harmonize with your personal style. To celebrate her upcoming wedding, our friend Kaitlyn dreamed of a unique custom wedding band that would complement her existing engagement ring. Her dainty Sailor Moon inspired design beautifully combines elements of her two favorite characters, Sailor Chibi Moon and Helios!


Kaitlyn wanted her wedding band to add a touch of personality to her bridal set, while still allowing her gorgeous center diamond to shine. Takayas expertly fashioned her sweet rose gold design in a delicate and streamlined silhouette that sits flush against her solitaire engagement ring. The tiny crescent moon that adorns Chibi Moon's tiara upholds the dazzling diamond, flanked on either side by her iconic hair clips.


Chibi Moon's larger set of hair clips overlay Helios' swooping wings in his dream form as Pegasus. Finely crafted layers of feathers give structure to the sides of the band, wrapping gracefully around Kaitlyn's finger.

Kaitlyn was thrilled when her amazing finished wedding band arrived home! "Having been able to send a picture and have Takayas create something so simple, yet stunning and truly special and personal to me is wonderful," she rejoiced. "I get to say I truly have a one-of-a-kind wedding band that no one else does. Thank you all for making it such an easy process during a time that can be so stressful for a bride."


Thank you, Kaitlyn, for giving us the opportunity to craft the perfect accompaniment to your lovely engagement ring. We're so excited for you to show off your extraordinary custom wedding band on your big day!

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