Romantic Rare Rose-Cut Rustic Diamond Wedding Ring Redesign

“We have the belief that even though things are old, they can be regenerated and become new,” was the sentiment behind Robert’s custom ring for Janel, his beloved wife of ten years. He requested Takayas to transform Janel’s original wedding band into a ring that would exceed her wildest dreams.

With his background in engineering, Robert provided Takayas with thoughtful sketches by email before visiting our downtown Los Angeles studio. After a productive consultation and a blueprint of the design, Takayas designed and crafted this truly one-of-a-kind bespoke ring to express Robert’s eternal adoration for his wife, the mother of his child, and soulmate.

The foundation of the ring was the modest silver wedding band that the couple used to wed with a decade earlier. Takayas adorned it with sparkling diamonds and encased it in rose gold. As a playful and therapeutic touch, the silver ring spun. More than a calming outlet; it served as a tangible reminder to Janel that she’s never alone, symbolizing how as a couple they complete each other in seamless harmony with a cycle of support and unity.

For the crowning jewel, Robert had a specific vision. He requested a prodigious salt and pepper or rustic diamond. Takayas reached out to his extensive network of trusted gem vendors to find the perfect gem with unique characteristics mirroring the profound beauty of the couple’s bond. He selected a rustic rose-cut diamond and placed it in an 8 prong setting giving it the appearance of floating or blossoming over the bands.

As a final finishing touch, Takayas engraved the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary on the inner band as well as another deeply personal sentiment for the couple. Upon seeing the culmination of his collaboration with Takayas, Robert said, “I'm overly joyed and so pleasantly surprised by the craftsmanship of the ring.”

With heartfelt gratitude, we wish Robert and Janel a lifetime of love and adventure, as vibrant and resilient as the intricate facets of their beautiful ring!


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