Pokémon’s Eevee and The Legend of Zelda Inspired Alexandrite Engagment Ring

This week’s blog is a tale of one man’s creativity woven with another man’s love for his beloved girlfriend. Juan reached out to Takayas on a quest for an engagement ring that transcends the ordinary. With the enchanting worlds of The Legend of Zelda and the adorable allure of Pokémon’s Eevee as its muse, Juan’s commission intertwines craftsmanship and fandom for a ring that goes beyond the traditional. In gleaming platinum, Eevee’s endearing bunny-like ears cradle the center stone, an exquisite alexandrite that sparkles with the magic of evolving colors. Nestled within Eevee’s paws, diamonds glisten symbolizing the precious moments held close in the journey of love. Just below Eevee, a lovely heart pattern, inspired by Mipha’s regal headdress in The Legend of Zelda adds a touch of ethereal grace. The iconic crest of Zelda, a timeless emblem of courage and destiny, graced by the brilliance of a carefully placed diamond at its center embraces the sides of the sides of the of the pleochroic alexandrite center stone. The gallery is further adorned with a sinuous motif, once again a nod to Mipha. Lastly, as if holding a secret whispered between kindred spirits, the underside of Juan’s ring unveils a hidden tapestry inspired by the elegance of Mipha’s Lightscale Trident. It adds a touch of mythical allure, completing a masterpiece that surpasses mere jewelry – it is the embodiment of a love story woven with threads of fantasy and passion.

Upon laying his eyes on his collaboration with Takayas, Juan said: “It looks amazing! I love it. . . I'm really pleased with how the ring turned out and how smooth the whole process was. Thank you for making this project become a reality!” Thank you, Juan, for your faith in Takayas and for proving that a piece of jewelry can come to symbolize that love knows no bounds and doesn’t need to adhere to tradition to be an extraordinary engagement ring. May you and your fiancée embark on a marriage as enchanting and everlasting as the inspiration for your engagement ring! 


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