Pokémon Sylveon Inspired Engagement Ring

To propose to a Pokémon-loving partner, a custom engagement ring is the perfect expression of "I choose you." Our friend Christian came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a sweet pink engagement ring inspired by his partner Tina's favorite Eeveelution, the Fairy-type Sylveon!


The playful cuteness of Sylveon suffuses Christian and Tina's special engagement ring. Forming the delicate shoulders, mirror images of Sylveon's fluffy ears extend from its signature rounded bow. A deep blue sapphire center stone and small matching accent stones keep the overall look luxurious and timeless, even with such a unique theme.


Sylveon's ribbon feelers can sense the emotions of whatever they touch, and that includes the love within this couple's meaningful custom jewelry. The ribbons twirl around the rose gold band in the shape of a joyous heart! Surprising anyone who looks underneath the ring, a second pair of ribbon feelers culminates in a bow that upholds the precious sapphire centerpiece.


"The ring is unbelievably astonishing," Christian rejoiced after Sylveon arrived home. "Tina was speechless and fell in love with the ring at first sight. She treasures it as the most precious gift that she has ever received. We both can't believe how detailed it is."

Thank you, Christian and Tina, for giving us the opportunity to craft a beautiful custom engagement ring that represents your feelings for one another. As you evolve into the next stage of your lives together, we hope Sylveon's sweetness and love will always be by your side!

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