Pokémon: Latios & Latias Inspired Engagement Ring

Receiving all sorts of various inquiries every day, Takayas Custom Journey has the pleasure of encountering wonderful ideas filled with magical wonder and nostalgic memories. This particular custom engagement ring was inspired by Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Requested by our friends and based on their vision, the amazing ring features the legendary Latios and Latias!Takayas meticulously sculpted Latios and Latias in rose gold, placing them onto an elegant white gold band to encompass a mesmerizing lab-grown alexandrite center stone. Their distinct jet-like wings were utilized as prongs to uphold our friends’ unique center stone - an iridescent alexandrite, representing the rare and powerful Soul Dew! The wondrous orb safely lies as the focal point of their ring, guarded on either side by Latios and Latias. To ensure a well-balanced design, the two Pokémon were created with identical proportions, differentiating them are clever markings along their backs and upon their heads. Latios' figure is defined by extended sharp etchings and a teardrop-shaped engraving. Decorating Latias are brief soft lines and a more pointed teardrop mark. Not wanting to hide their individuality by covering them with stones, Takayas laid them between a split-shank band and embellished the ring’s side profile with a single stone on each side reminiscent of the games they were first introduced in, a charming red ruby and an alluring blue sapphire! We’d like to congratulate our friends on their engagement and give them a big “Thank you!” for inviting us to craft a colorful and unique Pokémon inspired ring! We wish you all the best and an abundance of happiness. Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.