Pokémon Ho-oh and Lugia Inspired Engagement Ring

Marriage is considered the ultimate partnership with two distinct individuals coming together to create a beautiful union. Christopher wanted the Pokémon inspired engagement ring he commissioned for Maria to embody this sentiment. With a heart full of love, Christopher reached out to Takayas to create a HeartGold and SoulSilver inspired engagement ring featuring Ho-oh and Lugia. In his initial inquiry, Christopher told us that he and Maria were big Pokémon fans with their favorite region being HeartGold and SoulSilver’s Johto region. He couldn’t imagine two more legendary Pokémon than Ho-oh and Lugia to be portrayed on the ring. Takayas reveled in conceptualizing a design that encapsulated these two mighty characters into an elegant and meaningful engagement ring. To start, the ring features a colorless round brilliant diamond Christopher chose as its centerpiece. The classic round shape is said to represent infinite love. With no beginning or ending, the shape symbolizes the couple’s eternal union. While the choice of a two-tone gold ring may have been an aesthetic preference, we like to think of it as another nod to the intertwining of lives that come with marriage. Using the inspiration images that Christopher provided, Takayas portrayed the rapacious wingspans of the Pokémon. The band shimmers in white and yellow gold with Ho-oh and Lugia's wings embracing each other on each side of the magnificent center diamond. Colored gemstones and emblems from HeartGold and SoulSilver are portrayed on the sides of the shank. Brilliant aquamarine accent stones symbolizing happiness and hope bejewel the ring adorning the SoulSilver side and Lugia's wings. Glistening citrines symbolizing joy and prosperity adorn the HeartGold side and Ho-oh's wings.

“I am extremely satisfied with the experience! I appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship behind the design and in bringing the ring to fruition.” Christopher shared these kind words about working with Takayas. Now with the engagement ring a reality, he would embark on the next step of his jewelry journey: The Proposal.

On a picturesque day, Christopher planned to propose while enjoying the splendors of a traditional Japanese tea garden. Little did Maria know that as she passed through the traditional Japanese torii gates a milestone event in her life was about to happen. Upon asking the most important question of his life, Maria responded with an enthusiastic yes. Christopher and Maria were engaged! We would like to congratulate Christopher and Maria on their engagement. We wish them a lifetime of happy adventures! 


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