Pokémon: Dragonair and Milotic Inspired Engagement Ring

At the beginning of this year, we were contacted by our friend who wanted a Pokémon inspired engagement ring for his beloved girlfriend. He had a tight deadline and lived across the Pacific, but Takayas had his back. Takayas artfully crafted a Pokémon Dragonair and Milotic inspired ring just in time for him to pop the big question. A brilliant clear center stone was as important as the adorable Pokémon on the ring, so Takayas selected a beautiful diamond to crown the ring set in a beguiling two-tone design. Gorgeous and resplendent, the diamond centerpiece catches the eye as it sits regally within a white and rose gold band. His girlfriend’s favorite Pokémon, the graceful serpentine Dragonair and Milotic, guard the precious stone. Distinct features of the Pokémon were taken as inspiration to decorate the band. Additionally, adding an endearing flair to the overall design are Milotic's fan-like tail fin along with the two crystal orbs that adorn Dragonair's tail. Finally, their unique tails grace the band further down its shoulders, each side decorated with an accompanying cherry blossom – his girlfriend’s beloved flower -- and three brilliant accent diamonds. As an added detail, hidden in the under gallery of the ring is a sweet rabbit holding a special meaning to the couple. Thank you, our friend, for entrusting Takayas to craft your special ring. We wish you and your bride abundant happiness and love for many years to come! 


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