Playful Cat Inspired Engagement Ring


As lovable companions, imaginative cultural symbols, and endless sources of fascination, it's no surprise that animals play a huge role in so many of our lives. After seeing the "Animal Lover" custom engagement ring featured on our website, our friend Javier came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to design a creative cat-themed ring of his very own - with a special twist to make it totally unique to him and his fiancée!

"My future wife and I love cats," Javier explained of the inspirations behind his exciting custom jewelry project. "To have cats incorporated into an engagement ring would mean the world to us." On top of their fancy for felines, this delightful couple also see themselves reflected in another distinctive pair of animals: "I'm a goldfish, I forget everything," Javier humorously added, "and she's an elephant, she never forgets." With the goal of creating a design that was as elegant as it was expressive, the challenge was on for Takayas to synchronize these three stand-out creatures into one incredible piece!


Forming the shoulders of Javier's luxurious yellow gold ring, a sculpted set of elephants represents the strong, remarkable spirit of his partner. Javier and his fiancée both share a birthday in May, and two rich green emeralds encrust each proud head to reflect their lovely birthstone. Perched lazily on top, a sleek cat circles around their dazzling center diamond, showing just how close they hold their favorite critter to their hearts.

One of the cat's tiny paws curls around a delicate prong, reaching to grab at a certain figure that's caught its eye. Swimming along the basin of the setting, a glittering goldfish makes a playful reference to Javier's own personality! As each meaningful element works in tandem to seamlessly pull the story of their relationship together, Javier's amazing design pays tribute to the love he and his fiancée share.


"The ring looks wonderful!" Javier declared upon first seeing Takayas' 3D renders of his spectacular jewelry. He and his fiancée were just as impressed when the finished piece made it home soon after - to them, it was "perfect."

Thank you, Javier, for inviting us to create an astounding engagement ring that beautifully honors your four-legged (and finned!) friends. Here's wishing you and your now-wife a lifetime full of joy, love, and plenty of adorable cats!

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