Phoenix Engagement Ring & Dragon Ring Holder Necklace

Our friends, Kyle and Karen, reached out Takayas Custom Jewelry to create beautiful pieces of jewelry to represent and bless them in their marriage. We were honored to receive the task to craft exceptional designs based on two mythical creatures and the meanings they symbolize in Chinese culture. A lovely Phoenix ring for Karen and an amazing Dragon band for Kyle. This week, we feature Karen’s stunning engagement ring and ring holder necklace. Two fiery Phoenixes emblazon Karen’s elegant band. Resplendent, finely-feathered tails flow along the sleek shank, wrapping gracefully around her finger. Each Phoenix’s organically sculpted wings swoops dramatically upward to uphold the shining center stone Kyle had carefully chosen for Karen that represents the beautiful love they share for one another! Compelling negative space between the setting and the band creates a breathtaking image of the Phoenixes in flight. Accompanying the Phoenixes in their journey to the sky is a mighty creature. The harmony between Dragon and Phoenix comes to life in an amazing pendant fashioned in the image of a noble Chinese Dragon! While a ring must be created in a specific shape and profile, a pendant gives Takayas more flexibility, and he thoroughly explored many options for the design of Karen’s pendant. Sculpted is a three-dimensional design of a powerful Dragon. The Dragon’s long body curls into two loops that Karen’s ring will rest upon, holding it safe and sound. Its tapering tail culminates in a mystical, fire-like plume. Small, rounded spikes along the lines the Dragon’s spine give it an exceptional touch of flair. Karen kindly shared with us her thoughts after we reached out to post their wonderful custom journey: In Chinese mythology, the Chinese dragon and Chinese phoenix are graceful and powerful beings that bless a couple in having a harmonious marriage. I love the symbolism of those beings and what I want for my marriage with Kyle, as I want a long and happy life with him. Kyle also embodies many of the qualities of a dragon with his strength, charm, and ambition, so his dragon ring represents him very well. When I received the Phoenix ring I was shocked by the beauty of it and was touched by what Kyle included in the meaning of the ring by including a rare diamond sourced from Canada, where I was raised. This Phoenix ring ended up being very meaningful to me by incorporating different parts of my life and culture, and is a token of Kyle’s love for me. Together, like the dragon with the phoenix, we are stronger and bring more positivity to all around us. Kyle’s dragon wedding band was exquisite with how beautiful the dragons were that I was envious and wanted to have a dragon as well. Takayas was so accommodating to help us design a dragon-styled ring holder necklace that complements the phoenix ring and makes it more practical for me to wear his magnificent jewelry pieces.” Next week, we look forward to featuring the Dragon band that had Karen coveting her own Dragon piece! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.