Path of Exile Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

Following last week’s featured design that was based on a dark fantasy world, this week Takayas Custom Jewelry highlights another gorgeous dark fantasy inspired design made by Takayas based on the world of the Path of Exile! Brought to form by a love shared and nourished for over 10 years, this design was commissioned by Robyn. Knowing that her partner, Sven, had a passion for jewelry and the craftsmanship behind them she sought to craft a custom piece that would be tailored to his tastes. For their Path of Exile inspired design Takayas sculpted details and accents from yellow gold, placing them on a plated band of black rhodium. With their contrasting colors, the design exudes a compelling charm that is sure to catch one’s attention. Featured at the center of their wonderful custom design is the rare currency item, the Divine Orb. The most important feature taking center stage is adorned at the sides with motifs that complement and exude a beguiling dark fantasy design! The curling themes are reflective of the vintage motifs found at the borders of the game's design.

After the ring was completed we were pleased to meet with Robyn and Sven at our studio. During their visit, Takayas presented to them their finished custom piece and they chatted a bit about the intricacies of crafting jewelry.

Thank you, Robyn, for choosing us to craft Sven’s engagement ring. We wish you both great happiness and love for years to come! 


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