Surprise! Palm Leaf Earrings for Wife

As a custom jeweler that specializes in engagement rings, surprises (and surprise assistance!) are now embedded in our business. However, Yii Wen’s partner, William, elevated the gesture to another level and we couldn’t help but share.

Yii Wen came to us to design a Jungle inspired pendant (stay tuned!), and midway through asked to include her husband, William, in our communications. She explained that, “He's a longtime fan who has been wanting to work with Takayas since earlier this year and would like to see the process of customizing a piece of jewelry.” After happily including William to our thread, he followed up with a separate email explaining that in addition to her pendant, he would like to surprise her by designing a pair of earrings to match. Ever thoughtful and perceptive, he knew that Yii Wen would like to be as involved in the creative process as possible, so he came up with an alternative plan, that went like this:

Palm Leaf Inspired Earrings by Takayas Mizuno

We informed Yii Wen that whilst creating, Takayas was inspired to design a pair of earrings to match the pendant if she so chose, and that we would love to get her thoughts. William knew that Yii Wen would decline the additional charge, perhaps to some purposeful intervening. Instead, she gave lovely feedback on the earrings, which Takayas then utilized to secretly craft the pair.

The earrings are an iconic hoop-style set in 14 Yellow Gold. Inspired by palm leaves and lady ferns, Takayas precisely wrapped the delicate leaves around the hoop’s band, elegantly yet effortlessly placing them to cement the image of the leaves growing. Cyclical in arrangement, the plant seemingly buds, blooms, and grows in front of your eyes, while the pair’s dazzling yellow gold prompts imagery of the generous summer sun.

Custom Palm Leaf Earrings by Takayas Custom Jewelry

Once both projects were completed, we sent them straight to Yii Wen. Her response? “The necklace is beautiful and my mom thinks so too (I sent her pictures). I also cannot believe that William worked with you secretly to get the earrings made. What a surprise to get two boxes in the mail instead of one!”

A special thank you to both Yii Wen and William for such an exciting and rewarding project!

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