Nogitsune Inspired Engagement Ring

Celebrating fourteen years of love and happiness, Brian wanted to surprise Carrie with a custom engagement ring that showcased her personal style. Takayas Custom Jewelry was the perfect jeweler to ask for a stunning design inspired by Carrie's love of Japanese culture! Her gorgeous ring features the mischievous cousin of Japanese folklore's Kitsune fox spirits, the Nogitsune. Two mystical Nogitsune guard either side of Carrie's vibrant red garnet center stone, their rounded ears forming the prongs that hold the gem secure. Their clever faces are finely etched with intricate stylized patterns from traditional Japanese fox masks. One may never be sure what these wily Nogitsune are planning, but it's hard to resist the chibi cuteness of their sweetly rounded eyes! Each Nogitsune sports seven luxurious tails, representing the fourteen extraordinary years Brian and Carrie have spent together. Weaving in a graceful swirling pattern, they wrap around Carrie's finger in glimmering rose gold. Takayas added a brilliant final element by framing the ring with the angular logo of one of Carrie's favorite video game series, Assassin's Creed. Brian was nearly speechless when Takayas presented the finished design. "Takayas is amazing to create such an incredible piece of work," he said. "What truly got me was thinking to use the Nogitsune tails to represent the years. It's such a wonderful idea ands adds such a personal touch that I honestly cannot properly express how appreciative I am about it." Carrie herself was absolutely thrilled with the spectacular engagement ring created just for her! Thank you, Brian and Carrie, for inviting us to craft a meaningful custom engagement ring that reflects your unique relationship. We wish you another fourteen years of bliss together, as the Nogitsune gains new tails! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? 


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