NieR: Automata Black Box Inspired Wedding Band

This week we continue Tran and Jeremey’s custom jewelry adventure by featuring Jeremy’s wedding band. Just like his partner Tran’s engagement ring, Jeremy’s ring is inspired by the game they’ve enjoyed together: NieR: Automata. Specifically, the game’s iconic Black Box serves as the inspiration for his ring. More than a handsome pattern, the NeiR: Automata’s Black Box inspired design holds deep meaning. Cerebral themes and hidden meanings are hallmarks of the game, and the Black Box is no exception. It's said that the Black Box is the heart or consciousness of androids like 2B (Tran) and 9S (Jeremy) as well as a record of their experiences. It’s no wonder that Jeremey chose this highly symbolic theme for his wedding band. Giving earnest consideration to the design, Takayas chose black zirconium, an industrial-strength metal, for Jeremy’s wedding band. Black Zirconium is a metal that requires machine manipulation. When hearing that mechanized techniques would be used to create his ring, Jeremy said,” Coincidentally, being mostly made by machines kind of fits with the game’s story.”

While the ring would be fabricated by machine, Takayas’ touch was integral to the design. He interpreted the black box markings, modifying them and adjusting them proportionally to fit the dimensions of the band. At the center of this highly stylish and masculine design sits a diamond for his beloved Tran’s birthstone. The magnificent gem balances the design. It also serves as a symbol that Tran’s presence in Jeremy’s life makes it shine so much brighter. While the exterior of the ring is stunning, the interior of the ring is just as attractive. Rose gold lines the band as a nod to Tran’s ring since it was largely crafted in this lovely hue. Lastly, Tran’s name was inscribed in the inner band in NieR: Automata’s Angelic language, just as Jeremy’s was inscribed in her engagement ring.

Thank you, Tran and Jeremy, for going on this custom jewelry journey with us. Best wishes for an adventure and happiness-filled life together! 


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