Neon Genesis Evangelion Inspired Wedding Bands


Following up on the spectacular Neon Genesis Evangelion inspired engagement ring we created for them back in 2017, our friends Quito and Steff returned to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create an equally unique set of custom wedding bands. This year, we had the privilege of working together with this wonderful couple to craft a new pair of designs inspired by their favorite anime series! Beautifully subtle and full of meaning, these thought-provoking rings honor the intricate themes that define the story of Evangelion.


Considering how Steff's engagement ring featured elements inspired by the design of Asuka's Evangelion Unit-02, Takayas chose to place the focus of their wedding bands on Shinji's own Evangelion, Unit-01. Reaching across the shoulders of their sleek 14K white gold rings, Unit-01's mysterious Wings of Light spread wide to make a dramatic statement! The same wings as they appear from a distance during Unit-01's crucifixion in Third Impact serve as a centerpiece, unfurling from a single glittering accent stone.

Fitting the complex narratives of Evangelion, Quito and Steff's striking rings holds a special hidden element that only a close eye could see! Looking through the negative spaces of their top band, a layered second band cradles a larger cabochon stone, representing the spherical, soul-containing cores of the Evangelions. White and black colors hint at the secret influence of the figures Adam and Lilith, tying together the themes of beginnings, endings, and interconnectivity that are so meaningful to Quito and Steff as a couple.


"There are so many ways you can look at these rings and discover something new," Quito exclaimed upon first receiving Takayas' 3D renders of their incredible designs. "That is really a tribute to the creative mind of Takayas." Later on at their wedding, the finished pieces were undoubtedly a hit as well: "People were amazed at how beautiful they look, and those who know about Evangelion were even more amazed!"

Thank you, Quito and Steff, for giving us the opportunity to bring your extraordinary ideas to life yet again in another stunning custom jewelry creation. We wish you endless years of happiness - always connected hand-in-hand as you explore the worlds of meaning that you love together!

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