Nature Inspired Volcanic Art Nouveau and Art Deco Ring

In the world of bespoke jewelry, each piece tells a unique story, intertwining the essence of the wearer with the artistry of the creator. Kayse commissioned Takayas to create a ring for Sam, his beloved partner of many years, and the ring is a testament to this collaboration. Kayse meticulously compiled a dossier of Sam’s favorite artistic movements – Art Nouveau and Art Deco – as well as examples in nature – stars, basalt columns, and volcanoes - that she loved and shared it with Takayas. He took all of this into consideration to use his creativity and designed a ring that would culminate in a breathtaking and stylish symbol of devotion. Art Nouveau, with its flowing, organic forms was a natural fit for Takayas’ volcano inspired design. As an abstract representation of a volcano, he set a scintillating diamond at the apex of the ring. From the beautiful glistening diamond, a sinuous Art Nouveau inspired design flows down the shoulders of the shank in rose gold layered over a white gold band. Rather than the ominous metaphor of a volcano, the ring represents the love and emotion that overflows in the couple's precious union. While the outside of Kayse's ring references Art Nouveau motifs, the inside is all Art Deco. Often giving as much attention to the under gallery of a ring as to the shank, Takayas sculptured basalt columns in the interior architecture. This nod to the geometric pattern in Art Deco design adds a touch of sophistication of strength. We like to think of it as the pillars that their unbreakable bound is built on. The ring stands not just as a testament to Kayse and Sam’s enduring love, but also a tangible representation of their journey together. From the days of their serendipitous meeting as engineering students, though life’s many milestones, this exquisite piece encapsulates the depth of their connection and beauty of their journey. At the end of the last year, with the holiday season aglow, Kayse seized the perfect moment to embark on a new chapter of their shared adventure. Kayse crafted an intimate proposal as meaningful as the ring itself. We were delighted to hear that Sam said yes, sealing their bond amidst the magic of the holidays.

We’d like to thank Kayse for entrusting us with this precious project. May your life with Sam be filled with endless joy, laughter, and cherished moments!


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