Music & Flowers Inspired Engagement Ring

Diana and her boyfriend love to chase their passions: gardening, music, and history are just a few among many interests they share! Takayas Custom Jewelry was thrilled to take on the challenge of crafting a beautiful engagement ring that seamlessly blends their hobbies and their story as a couple. Champaca flowers, tea ceremonies, and ancient Chinese instruments combine in one incredible design. The dainty petals of a champaca bloom form the prongs that cradle Diana's sparkling blue sapphire centerpiece, tying together a beloved flower from her childhood with the exciting future that awaits her. Intricately detailed golden tea leaves wrap around each side of the flower. Nestled in groups of three, these leaves represent the three cups often used in gongfu tea ceremonies. Three glittering diamonds on each slim shoulder continue the ring's numerical motif. Symbolizing the three distinctive sounds of a guqin, they embellish the sleek gold lines of a guqin's strings. Earth, heaven, and man come together in harmony through the artistry and subtle meaning of Diana's stunning ring. "The ring is brilliant!" Diana exclaimed upon seeing her design. "I am thoroughly impressed with how Takayas incorporated everything. I sat here thinking I gave him a hopelessly unhelpful bunch of pictures, but I clearly could not stump him." She was even more amazed when her boyfriend revealed the spectacular finished piece to her in person! Thank you, Diana, for inviting us to create your amazing custom engagement ring. We wish you both endless years of love—and many more passions and hobbies to discover together! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.