Monster Hunter Alatreon Inspired Engagement Ring

Augustus and his partner have poured countless hours into the world of the Monster Hunter video game series. Eager to propose with a special custom engagement ring that represented their favorite adventures together, Augustus knew Takayas Custom Jewelry was the perfect designer to ask! His gorgeous ring captures the elegance and majesty of Alatreon, the Blazing Black Dragon.

One of this sweet couple's fondest memories playing Monster Hunter has been working as a team to defeat the fearsome Alatreon. Takayas fashioned their ring's distinctive setting into the shape of Alatreon's horns, upholding their glittering diamond centerpiece. Two vivid alexandrites on either side showcase the reflective, color-changing ability of Alatreon's scales, cradled by dainty scale-like prongs.

Streamlined dragon wings sweep dramatically across the shimmering palladium band, forming a bold frame for the eye-catching design. The edgy spikes that line Alatreon's wings curl inward to form the settings that hold rows of deep black diamonds down the shank. A striking interplay of color between the different gems pays tribute to Alatreon's awesome power over the elements.

"My fiancée really loved the ring," Augustus cheerfully updated us a few months after receiving his extraordinary piece! "We were both extremely happy that Takayas could take a memory that is so important to us and transform it into a work of art."

Thank you, Augustus, for giving us the opportunity to create such an incredible and meaningful custom engagement ring. We hope that this new chapter in you and your partner's relationship is as colorful and unique as Alatreon itself!

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