Matching Rayquaza Inspired Wedding Bands

Matching wedding bands with some Pokémon flare were what Lindsey and Logan were looking for when they came to Takayas Custom Jewelry. With a clear direction of what they wanted; they reached out to us with the reference images they prepared and we got to work! Their unique custom bands feature the legendary serpentine Pokémon. Crafted in white gold with gorgeous yellow gold detailing, their rings paint the image of the mighty Rayquaza. With such an enchanting base design, Takayas made their rings in a more traditional style all while incorporating elements to showcase the telling characters of Rayquaza – creating an elegant design befitting of a wise and skilled dragon! The yellow gold details curving around each band are molded to emulate the eye-catching yellow geometrical markings from the great Pokémon. Tapering into their center stones are two sets of sculpted ridges that mimic a Rayquaza’s regal horn-like structures! With its prominent features, their bands take the form of two Rayquaza heads meeting at the center stone. Gorgeous stones adorn the bands to represent the colors of Rayquaza and its shiny counterpart. Daring black diamonds accent the yellow gold markings as a verdant green emerald sits at the focal point of this design. Hidden within the band, below the emerald centerpiece, is an engraved design of the ball that never misses and never fails – the Master Ball! Seeing the joyful looks of Lindsey and Logan’s faces when they saw their rings in person was wonderful! Moments where we are able to witness our newly made friends lay their eyes upon their beautiful custom pieces for the first time are always such a cherished experience for us. When asked for a review of their journey with us they shared that they “Can NOT be more in love with our Pokémon inspired Rayquaza wedding rings!” The gushing review they left for us remains on our minds as we are honored to have our work acknowledged, “From the beginning process of explaining our idea, to seeing the idea come to reality thanks to the eyes of a MASTER of their Art/Skill. We are still speechless from the beauty of the final product. We will forever know Takayas will make a Top Tier Quality treasure to cherish for a lifetime.”

Thank you, Lindsey and Logan, for the kind words you shared with us and for giving us the opportunity to craft a matching pair of rings inspired by the amazing Rayquaza. We wish you both a great abundance of love to follow for years to come! 


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