Matching FFXIV Inspired Wedding Bands – His: Paladin

Last week Takayas Custom Jewelry showcased Jay’s beautiful Final Fantasy XIV Bard and Dancer inspired wedding band. Filled with many subtle details nodding to her relationship with Spencer, this week we highlight the groom’s band! Enjoying each other’s company wherever they may go, Spencer and Jay also enjoy simply being by each other’s side as they work on what they are passionate about. Fighting side by side with Jay in Final Fantasy XIV, Spencer delights in taking on the valiant role of the tank as a Paladin. When he’s not going on raids with her, he relishes in the moments of playing the classic RPG franchise of the Legend of Zelda. He loves going on daring journeys through Hyrule while kept company by Jay’s loving presence. Taking great inspiration from the Paladin class's shield and armor, Spencer’s unique wedding band is fashioned with deliberate carved details. At the center is a rugged sapphire with an alluring blue like the Paladin's cloak, bordered by accents taken from the Paladin's suit and the meticulous emblem found upon his shield. His staggering wedding band’s design is shielded by beautifully intricate metalwork, Takayas forged a textured design for the band's shank to resemble the whole armor from its pauldron to its tassets. A design perfect for a fearless warrior with an uncompromising determination to defend and protect their party (or family). Linking Jay’s and Spencer’s bands is not only their mutual love for Final Fantasy XIV or the intricate details on the outer band that paint the story of their relationship. Hidden within the under gallery of both bands is an engraving of the mystical ocarina from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Mindfully placed and polished, the iconic image is set as a reminder of the sweet memories they both have made by each other’s sides. After reaching out for a testimonial, they shared with us their thoughts on the whole process of their fully custom journey with us: “We had an amazing experience working with you and Takayas. The whole process and detail of the rings surpassed our expectations. It was almost surreal to have our stories embedded in these rings. Our friends and family immediately understood how the rings represented us, and some recognized the final fantasy theme too! Thanks, and hope to work with you again in the future.” Least to say we were overjoyed to hear that they absolutely loved their custom rings and that those close to them understood the meaningful story imbued within their personalized pieces! Thank you, Spencer and Jay, for entrusting us with such an important project of creating each of your wedding bands! We congratulate you two on your marriage and wish you both an abundance of love filled with great happiness for years to come! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.