Matching FFXIV Inspired Wedding Bands – Hers: Bard & Dancer

Highlight your relationship with a matching pair of rings! Spencer and Jay reached out to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a beautiful matching set of wedding bands that would give a subtle tribute to their gaming passions. Both enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV and always cherish the moments they share together, whether they are playing a mutual game of interest side by side or simply relishing the moments spent together watching the other play their favorite game. For Spencer and Jay, Takayas crafted stunning wedding bands that incorporated the elements they hold near and dear in a way that represents their sweet relationship. Getting to know them and their relationship a little better through their stories, this week we draw the spotlight on Jay’s beautiful platinum wedding band. Shared with us was Jay’s self-proclaimed title of retired raider. Though she was not a story player, she was captivated by the environments found in Final Fantasy XIV. Strikingly intricate structures found in Crystarium encompass the sky-colored blue topaz at the center of Jay’s ring and enchantingly grace its side galleries. Further down the band of her ring, traces of dance and music entangle with one another elegantly decorating her band. The Dancer’s crescent-like accessory and ornate background can be found intertwined with the elegant frame of the Bard’s wooden harp. Painting her two main classes and placing them within the enchanting city of Crystarium! Based on a delightfully engaging and sweet anecdote within their relationship shared with us by Spencer, Takayas incorporated a hidden feature to paint this endearing memory of theirs. For one of the first gifts Spencer presented to Jay, he dedicated a lot of time into catching and evolving an extremely rare shiny Milotic to an unwitting Jay. Painting this Pokémon are subtle curved details along the lined row of blue topazes and amethysts, sculpted into the design of her wedding band to reflect the special shiny Milotic’s antennas. Creating a unique hidden element that blends seamlessly into her band’s overall design! Of which its true meaning and story are concealed from the unwitting. Sending the renders of their rings had us sitting at the edge of our seats, awaiting their response to the beautiful designs Takayas came up with for them both, and their response was all we wished for! “Thanks so much for the designs, they look amazing! We love how the ring designs were crafted with our stories in mind!”

Wondering about Spencer’s custom wedding band? You’ll have to wait until next week to read about the design concepts and marvel at the details that compliment Jay’s band. There’s still another hidden secret we have yet to reveal for Spencer and Jay’s custom project. For now, all we can provide is a small glimpse of his design that pairs beautifully and matches perfectly with Jay’s. 


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