Legend of Zelda Zora's Sapphire & Silent Princess Inspired Engagement Ring

Deep down inside, many of us have always known what we wanted our engagement ring to look like. If you're making a piece of custom jewelry, we're here to tell you that those long-lost ideas don't have to remain a fantasy! Our friends Michaela and Rei, for instance, came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to realize a lifelong goal of owning a stunning custom engagement ring crafted in two-tone 14K yellow and white gold and sparkling with blue sapphire and diamond accent stones. Their dream design pays homage to the Legend of Zelda, reflecting two particular symbols of the video game series Rei holds close to her heart: the Zora's Sapphire from Ocarina of Time, and the Silent Princess flower from Breath of the Wild!


This wonderful couple also has a delightful story to share. "Rei and I met in college in a comic book design class," Michaela mentioned to us. "We hadn't talked for most of the semester, until I sat in the seat she usually chose and we were put together on a team for a class assignment." Spending the class period basking in the sun together under the magnificent late-March bloom of pink Yoshino cherry trees, the two found that they quickly connected. And, as love stories tend to go, they've been inseparable ever since!

As Michaela and Rei's relationship deepened, they knew that neither of them ever wanted to leave the other's side. During their discussions about marriage, it didn't take long for the subject of rings to come up - and Rei in particular had some big hopes for the engagement ring she'd wear one day! "Rei grew up with the Legend of Zelda series, Ocarina of Time being her first experience with the fantastical world of Hyrule," Michaela explained. She always dreamed of owning a ring that represented the Spiritual Stone known as the Zora's Sapphire, which, if you ask the Zora princess Ruto, also happens to function as an engagement ring.


Rei's design dreams developed further after her incredible experience playing Breath of the Wild, when she found herself enchanted by the delicate Silent Princess flower that represents the latest installment in the long-running series. Having admired Takayas' designs ever since she came upon our Spiritual Stones inspired ring collection, Rei told Michaela that she didn't want to ask anyone else to craft her own special engagement ring - and that was a quest Takayas was more than delighted to take on!

Serving as the centerpiece for Rei's engagement ring, the Zora's Sapphire makes a dramatic statement in yellow gold, embellished with a glittering diamond accent stone resting between the three blue sapphires. Takayas crafted her ring with a lovely white gold split shank, allowing plenty of room for her distinctive motifs to shine! To the left of the Zora's Sapphire, a closed Silent Princess bud nestles up against the centerpiece. On the right, the petals of an open flower unfurl from a diamond center, bringing good fortune to this sweet couple that have sworn their eternal love for one another.


"Rei was awestruck with how the ring turned out and loves absolutely everything about it," Michaela exclaimed after they officially became engaged. "She has been babying it constantly! She says it's so much better than anything she could have imagined growing up, and is so thankful for Takayas and the beautiful, stunning work he does. I was thrilled to see how happy Rei was with it, and that was the most important thing for me!"

Michaela and Rei were so thankful, in fact, that they went out of their way to surprise us with amazing handwritten letters expressing their gratitude. We'd be lying if we said such a heartfelt gesture didn't get us a little emotional - and their letter to Takayas is now proudly displayed in our studio, announcing their joy to everyone who comes in to create their own jewelry project with us!


Thank you, Michaela and Rei, for giving us the honor of bringing Rei's childhood dream to life. We know you'll both treasure your spectacular custom engagement ring forever! Here's to a lifetime of happiness as you celebrate a relationship as extraordinary as the Zora's Sapphire... and as beautiful as a Silent Princess!

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