Legend of Zelda Temple of Time Inspired Engagement Ring

To pay homage to a video game she holds dear to her heart, Megan came to Takayas Custom Jewelry with the goal of creating a stunning Legend of Zelda inspired engagement ring of her very own. Themed after one of the most legendary locations in the series, her one-of-a-kind jewelry reflects the iconography of the mystical Temple of Time!


When searching for ideas for her special design, Megan adored the intricate style of our Majora's Mask Clock Tower inspired wedding set. Takayas crafted her own lovely piece with a similarly delicate, architectural flair!

Placing the focus on the Temple as it famously appears within Ocarina of Time, the shoulders of her white gold ring are indented with the geometric patterns etched into the Door of Time. Each sleek arch reaches upward to cradle her precious blue-green sapphire center stone, like a sacred relic unto itself.


Pouring down the side-gallery, curling shapes flow in a sinuous pattern similar to the music-like glyphs engraved on the altar that holds the Spiritual Stones. Navi herself sparkles within in the form of a blue topaz, with fluttering rose gold wings!

Underneath Megan's engagement ring, the holy Triforce above the Door of Time shines. Like a portal into a distant world, its compelling negative space beckons the viewer in. Transporting Megan to another place in time, a new world unfolds before her, as she and her partner celebrate the next chapter of their beautiful relationship together!


"My ring is so perfect and amazing," Megan rejoiced after her incredible piece finally found its rightful home on her finger. "I truly can't thank youenough! The stone is gorgeous, the details are amazing and I am completely in love."

Thank you, Megan, for inviting us to create a spectacular Legend of Zelda inspired ring that is truly timeless. We wish you both endless joy together, guided by a love that lasts for all time!

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